ArcGIS Server Training

ArcGIS for Server:

a.       Installation and Capabilities I

b.      Functionalities of ArcGIS server

c.      Publishing and sharing of data Including Map services, Geoprocessing service etc.

d.    Introduction of services in ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer and also in ArcGIS Online.


1 Planning an ArcGIS Server site

2. Implementing an ArcGIS Server site

3. Controlling access to ArcGIS Serer

4. Integrating web server

5. Managing Service resources

6. Planning your service

7. Tuning services and troubleshooting errors.


Some desktop and enterprise SDE concepts

using services in JS applications.

Architecture and design strategies – with some examples

Portal for ArcGIS

ArcGIS Server security and IIS installing, deployment.

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